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Welcome to OneHydra. We’re a SaaS company dedicated to creating innovative SEO technology that enables marketers and eCommerce execs of large websites to succeed at doing SEO at scale.

   What do we do

Using big data, the cloud and the encoded expertise from 14 years of SEO, OneHydra automates the SEO process end to end, increasing the quality, quantity and speed of SEO output.

   What do you get

Using OneHydra, it’s possible to overcome the barriers and roadblocks that repeatedly limit SEO effectiveness, and thus generate more revenue, faster than ever before.

The OneHydra story

Before OneHydra we were dedicated SEO’s in leading agencies

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1. You’re as good as your insights

Customers use tens of thousands of keywords, and eCommerce websites contain many thousands of pages. Add analytics and products and there’s a huge amount of data to manage, analyse and track. This means that SEO’s spend most of their time collecting data, and a fraction of their time actually analysing and acting on it. But with nothing more than excel and a collection of tools, the time of an SEO gets absorbed by running around after data, and feeding it from one tool into another, trying to join it up into a consistent picture that will inform and drive the process. This weakens strategy from the start.

2. You need to optimise everything

If your customers use tens of thousands of keywords to find your products, then to really push the envelope you have to optimise for all of them. Imagine a ‘paid search’ exec only bidding on the top handful of obvious keywords. It just wouldn’t stand up. But SEO’s cant scale that way, and are only as good as the hours they can dedicate to the task. When it can take hours to get a page recommendation out, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get around the task. Success depends on finding a way to make sure every keyword is identified and time is spent to improve the pages at the centre of them.

3. If you don’t go live, you don’t grow!

They say the final mile is the hardest, and in SEO nothing could be closer to fact. If all the recommendations you have painstakingly crafted don’t go live, the whole effort ends up as a waste of time and budget. Unfortunately, this is what we see time and time again. On almost every project, the majority of SEO recommendations lead back to parts of the website that are out of SEO control and are too complex, expensive or time consuming to modify. So it doesn’t matter how great the previous SEO efforts had been, because everything falls at the final hurdle.

This frustrating chain of events derails SEO revenue growth, and being driven by results, we weren’t prepared to settle for such failure. That’s why we built the OneHydra platform. To break this recurring pattern, and ensure that the most that could be achieved, would be achieved, time and time again.


The OneHydra team is the ideal balance of hungry search marketing expertise, SaaS experience, and Big Data fascination. It constantly drives us to create innovative solutions that will move the needle and grow revenue.

Warren Cowan


Warren has worked exclusively in the search marketing industry for over 15 years. During this time, he has developed unrivalled search knowledge and a unique perspective on the growth and movement of the industry, both in the UK and internationally. Warren is also the founder of Greenlight, the UK’s #1 Digital agency and Search firm.

Roger Wilmott


Roger has over 25 years technology and product delivery experience, having worked across a number of industry sectors, in a mixture of consulting and line roles. He has substantial experience working with large organisations such as BSkyB, Accenture and Reed Business Information, and combines this with passion and expertise in driving growth in entrepreneurial/start-up environments.

Chris Dunn
Chris Dunn

VP, Customer Success

If there's anyone that knows what it's like to work on an SEO project, it's Chris. A veteran of the search marketing industry, with 16 years experience working with agencies and clients, he knows what it takes to make search successful. As 'Director of Client Success', Chris's job is to lead the customer success team and help users get the most from the OneHydra platform.

So who uses OneHydra

  • OneHydra is everything your SEO-heart always was looking for in one single tool. OneHydra combines both worlds: The business intelligence (BI) world and the SEO tool world. This makes OneHydra absolutely unique as you have everything in one place.

    Read the full review on TrustRadius.
    Felix Undeutsch
    Senior SEO Specialist, Expedia
  • OneHydra is a central part of everything we do in the eCommerce team, to ensure our product strategy is always aligned with what the market searches for. OneHydra data now plays a role in just about every meeting, from SEO to content strategy, to buying and merchandising, all the way up to Director level. It really has changed the way we do SEO.
    Nick Andrews
    SEO Manager, Debenhams
  • The OneHydra solution is now integral to our marketing toolkit – allowing us to be more dynamic and tactical in search than ever before.
    Tom Purdie
    Digital Marketing Manager, ghl hotels
All Saints
John Lewis
Premier Farnell