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Free sector data from Hydra

Dating back over 12 months, and updated every month, see how your sites have behaved and who has been doing well in your sector.

This data is a guide, and is collected to allow you to understand your placement. Its important to understand how it is created, so you can understand what you are seeing, so here is a brief explanation of how we do it:


We use industry data to classify a selection of the most popular search terms that customer use within that sector. We also take a set of generic, general sector specific keywords that are used when searching. This gave us an indication as to the size of the audience that used search engines.

For natural search, we analyse the natural search rankings on Google to see which websites and brands are positioned on page one for each term. That way we were able to build up an aggregate view of the most commonly appearing and prominent websites, as well as the respective size of the audience they are reaching as a result of having that keyword-specific visibility.

For paid search, we monitor the advertisers appearing in the sponsored links for the top 90 of the terms analysed. Data was retrieved from the Search Engine regularly on a daily basis during the period to ensure a fair assessment of the paid search space and to take into account the ad rotation system employed by the Search Engines.

This data iss then collated and league tables of the most visible websites in both natural and paid search were created for the sector.

In our reports you will find market view data for the industry as a whole, as well as by segment: generic keywords, and specific product/service types.

Currently this data is UK specific, but we plan to role it out on a more general basis over the coming months.

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