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The One-O-One Series

The One-O-One Series

The One-O-One is a series of dedicated posts addressing how integration can help innovate on existing optimisation methods across Natural Search, Paid Search and Social Media and improve overall campaign success.  As such, we will be parsing through some of the key topics involving strategy development, campaign planning and implementation, and performance analysis and reporting.


Why does the One-O-One exist?

Because digital marketing disciplines have been developed in silo and so have its best practises.  As we move to a more collaborative environment where channel integration offers competitive advantage to marketers willing to take that step, the arsenal of best practise guidelines must reflect this new approach.  In the One-O-One we will highlight how traditional channel-specific methodologies can be adapted to successfully work hand-in-hand with an integrated approach and help maximise the return from overall digital marketing investment. 


What does the One-O-One cover?

It generally covers methods currently applied by marketers at the planning, implementation and review phases of a campaign but with a twist.  This twist essentially explains how current best practises and methods can be modified or supplemented to incorporate insight from other channels to refine its outputs and improve their effectiveness.  Our aim is to consider the main pain points of digital marketers today and propose solutions to either eradicate them altogether or at the very least make them less painful. 


When is the One-O-One published?

It is published on a monthly basis as a planned series to give us enough time to prepare insights of quality and value.  However, as it is often the case, new topics of interest emerging in the media or requests from our readers may trigger additional posts that would increase the frequency of publishing to fortnightly.  Any topic suggestions or requests for comment can be emailed through our Contact Us form (just ensure to put One-O-One in the subject).


Who is responsible for the One-O-One?

Though all posts are reviewed by Hydra as a team, the main point person for this section of the blog is our Senior Solutions Consultant, Ruth.  To find out more about her and other members of our team, you can visit the Meet the Team section and put a face to the name. 

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