Associating keywords to desired actions

White Paper discusses how associating keywords to desired actions is key to digital marketers leveraging the buying cycle and achieving optimum results.

London, 26 January, 2012- A new white paper by Software-as-a-Service marketing technology provider, Hydra highlights how digital marketing specialists can enhance their keyword lists to elicit the desired response from their prospects. In a recent survey of 200 digital marketers undertaken by the firm, 55 per cent said they do not know what words or expressions being used in the market are worth spending time and money on.

Titled "Optimising the Buying Cycle - tying keywords to desired actions", the white paper discusses how search marketing specialists can enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns by extending their lists of keywords and phrases using a combination of their current targets, user-generated suggestions and upcoming trends.

"Understanding the buying cycle and its various stages and channels is important for online marketing success, equally so is tying the keywords used within each to a desired action or outcome.  To achieve success, research, prioritisation and management of an extensive keyword set is necessary, as is understanding how they fit into the various stages of the cycle." says Ruth Zohrer, Hydra's senior solutions consultant.

Hydra's  paper gives tips and suggestions as to how specialists across the disciplines of natural search, paid search and social media can fine tune the language they use within their campaigns across the difference channels to ultimately enhance their effectiveness, increase results and achieve greater success.

The paper highlights the six key areas to consider and evaluate when reviewing keywords and the opportunities they represent with a view to significantly extending reach.

"Website content, product/inventory feeds, paid search campaigns, analytics tools, site searches and social media outlets - all need to be fully explored to ensure an in depth analysis of all keywords and phrases takes place prior to implementing a new strategy," says Zohrer 

The One platform from Hydra can assist in the process of identifying the language that is being used by prospects at each stage of the buying cycle, and across the differing channels allowing for effective communication. Its live data reports also uncover the most important search terms and trends to deliver enhanced opportunities to users.




Notes to Editors:

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About Hydra:

Hydra is a provider of SaaS marketing tools established in 2011. The One Platform enables enterprise marketers to strategically and proactively monitor, report and participate in the conversation that existing and potential customers are having about their brand online. Gathering the collective requests and feedback of marketing executives, digital specialists, and agency professionals, The One Platform from Hydra is focused on driving revenue and return on investment (ROI) through integrated, efficient and optimised management and implementation of Phrase Marketing campaigns across online disciplines - Natural Search, Paid Search and Social Media.