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Bringing Natural and Paid into OneSearch

OneSearch from Hydra allows you to manage your search campaigns taking into account both Natural Search performance and Paid Search within the same view. OneSearch brings together Natural and Paid Search data, Analytics data and metrics about page accessibility, credibility and relevancy making it possible to see how to get more ROI from your campaigns and achieve higher organic rankings.

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  • One View - OneSearch delivers a single view of Natural and Paid Search performance, enabling effective management of search campaigns. 
  • Improved ROI - Actionable insight incorporating Natural and Paid Search data, analytics and metrics about page accessibility, credibility and relevancy, helps users achieve higher ROI across both channels.
  • Opportunity - See where you are performing well, and identify key opportunities for development to improve conversion rates. 
  • Efficiency - Quickly see opportunities that deliver conversions.  Identify strategy; spend less time reporting and more time delivering results. 
  • Report according to business requirements - intelligent classifications allow users to report in a manner that their business requires.

OneSearch makes it possible to see at a keyword and phrase level how effective each channel is at driving success, delivering automatic recommendations of what keyword will work best with each page on your site. 

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