Marketing Executives

The One Platform

With budgets and teams spread across Natural Search, Paid Search and Social Media, it is difficult to see the big picture. How can you identify the best way to allocate your budget across these channels to maximise return? One from Hydra combines insights from all three channels and suggests how to create efficiencies to achieve optimal performance.

  • Develop brand awareness by extending reach- by extending keyword sets utilised in Search campaigns, effectively achieve wider online visibility.

    Marketing Executives

  • Fine-tune the language you use to communicate with your audience  - integrated analysis of the channels your customers use delivers insight into the right language to use for effective messaging and better engagement. 
  • Focus on high value - proactive suggestions of high visibility keywords enable users to uncover efficiencies and generate opportunities that improve conversions.
  • Increase opportunity - intelligent recommendations inform strategy through specific actions/enhancements to campaigns to deliver ROI.
  • Find competitive advantage - automated competitor tracking allows for benchmarking and insight into competitor strategies to keep your business one step ahead.
  • Work smarter - intelligent recommendations define the right channel mix, assisting in further success.

The support from our expert consultants will help you define the best setup to meet the unique needs of your organisation and make sure The One Platform grows with your business. (Download our Data Sheet)

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