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The One Platform

Your target audiences are consuming and sharing content on their own terms: it has to be original, engaging, relevant to their interest and delivered in the formats that best suit them. How can you maintain and grow the number of eyeballs on your content so you can encourage loyalty, drive ad revenue and increase monetisation? One from Hydra combines insights from Natural Search, Paid Search and Social Media to anticipate demand and delivers content-to-channel recommendations so you can get a head start.

One from Hydra allows you to:Entertainment & Media

  • Get creative with WordBank: identify consumer trends and topics of interest for your target audience and inform strategy through intelligent recommendations of high visibility keywords across Natural Search, Paid Search, and Social Media.
  • Apply changes with one click: intelligent grouping options allow you to modify content elements using keywords from the same family and roll them out across multiple channels or regions using the same language.
  • See the whole picture: flexible manipulation of integrated data (Natural Search, Paid Search and Social Media) allows you to identify top performers by type of content or topic of interest revealing connections you can translate into efficiencies.
  • Focus on high value: receive prioritised recommendations for the combination of channels that best promote your current content before you set campaigns live so you can concentrate on the opportunities that will generate the most revenue.
  • Understand your sphere of influence: evaluate the impact of your online presence across multiple channels and receive actionable insight so you can improve the value of your brand and increase monetisation.
  • Find competitive advantage: using competitor analysis you can assess the success of your competitors at broad or granular levels to derive strategies on how to improve the promotion of your content over theirs to increase the size of your audience.
  • Work smarter: automated opportunity analysis defines the best content-to-channel combinations based on topic popularity, trends and seasonality so you can proactively define content production and dissemination to your target audience at the right time.

The support from our expert consultants will help you define the best setup to meet the entertainment & media needs of your organisation and make sure the One platform grows with your business. (Download our Data Sheet)

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