The One Platform

Your competition is ruthless: they lure your existing and potential customers who are not shy to try new gaming sites that offer the thrill of a big win. How can you increase customer volume and lifetime value in an environment where all your competitors are chasing a handful of terms with the conversion potential to warrant spend? One from Hydra collates insights from Natural Search, Paid Search and Social Media to identify your audience’s interests and deliver ROI driven keyword-to-channel opportunities so you can make the most of your online marketing budget.

One from Hydra allows you to:Gaming

  • Get creative with WordBank: identify which families of terms are driving conversions and revenue and receive intelligent recommendations that help you gain real estate on high visibility keywords across Natural Search, Paid Search, and Social Media.
  • Apply changes with one click: intelligent grouping options allow you to modify campaign elements for keywords from the same family so you can easily and efficiently update sign-up incentives, seasonal betting offers and jackpot promotions that attract new customers.
  • See the whole picture: flexible manipulation of integrated data (Natural Search, Paid Search and Social Media) allows you to identify top performers by product category, special offers or type of game, and reveals connections you can translate into efficiencies.
  • Focus on high value: receive recommendations for the channel that best promotes your current games and odds before you set campaigns live so you only spend time and money on the combination of channels that will bring you more players.
  • Understand your sphere of influence: evaluate the impact of your online presence at the different stages of the customer lifetime and receive actionable insight to improve player retention and growth.
  • Find competitive advantage: automatically acquire odds, betting offers and jackpot levels from competitors to assess your own offerings, get advice on how to use this information to your advantage and stay one step ahead.
  • Work smarter: plan marketing spend through intelligent recommendations for the best keyword-to-channel combinations based on game popularity or bet seasonality, and proactively define the right amount of effort at the right time of the year to make the most of player demand.

The support from our expert consultants will help you define the best setup to meet the gaming needs of your organisation and make sure the One platform grows with your business. (Download our Data Sheet)

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